Denver’s Night at the Museum 2015

Night at the Museum was a success this past Saturday. My boyfriend, two friends, and I ended up going to the Art Museum and the History Colorado Center.

We started in the Art Museum and spent 2 1/2 hours there. We met up with two other friends and roamed around looking at European, Native American, and Eastern art. There is A LOT of Native American art in that museum, it was kind of surprising. So if you’re into that kind of art, you should definitely go.

Gene enjoying the comfy chairs

There was some cool contemporary art that I pretended to understand and some European art that was more to my taste. At one point, while waiting for the others to catch up, I started watching and listening to the people around me. It was fun to hear what others were saying about the art. It’s great how different people can all enjoy art. Even if we don’t appreciate it at the same level, we still get joy from looking at it.

What I really enjoyed though was walking through the Indian, Japanese, and Middle Eastern sections. This was where the really good stuff was.

I like seeing items that are extremely old. Knowing that my brain can’t truly comprehend how old something is past like a few hundred years, seeing artifacts that are thousands of years old blows my mind.

The art museum had a bowl from Iran that went back as far as 3500 B.C. (see picture on left). How insane is that?! I loved it, especially the antelope that were painted on it. Imagine long ago a person painting these images and details on this bowl. Who were they? What did they use the bowl for?

After exhausting ourselves walking up and down the seven flights of stairs at the art museum, we walked over to the History Colorado Center to check out the Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) exhibit and the Toy exhibit.

Iran, 1000 B.C.

Sadly, I was quite disappointed by the RMNP exhibit. I have very fond feelings towards the RMNP and the exhibit just fell flat for me. I grew up going to Grand Lake in the summers and hiking the trails of the park. Perhaps it was because I was already tired from the art museum, but I was only finding stuff about Estes Park.

I didn’t see anything about hiking or the trails and I quickly lost interest. We made our way to the toy exhibit after that and was bombarded with awesome toys from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Since I had visited this exhibit a few months ago I found a couch and watched toy commercials for a bit. Then I watched young and old try to hool-a-hoop, that was fun.

After getting our fill of toys we all went to an Irish pub and had a late dinner. It was a fun evening and I’m glad it got me out of the house!

Universe’s message for you

My coworker sent me an email with the below message last week. It was one of her daily readings. I loved the message and thought I would share it.

You’re going to be shocked, because one day you’re going to look at yourself, your life, and your ways, and you’re going to see that your every idiosyncrasy, quirk, folly, and so-called fault, were among your greatest assets.

Oh my, I was having such a good day when I first dreamed of you.

The Universe

Tuesday morning sunrise

Tuesday morning I got up early to attend a meeting for work. It meant I was privileged to see the sunrise.

I’m the kind of person that HATES getting up in the dark. Winter is hard on me because I wake up in the dark and then I drive home and spend the evening in the dark and I just feel antsy and bleh. I know I sound pitiful and silly but it truly is tough for me. My body and being are meant to be near the sun for 16 hours a day. ;) This winter I’m going to try to only complain once a week about my hatred of the dark and see what that does. :)

The point of that digression is to say that I normally don’t see sunrises because I’m still in bed. So it was a lovely surprise this morning when I looked west and saw the mountains lit up in a beautiful pink. I quickly tried to snap a picture while at a stoplight. Of course it was with my phone so the picture didn’t turn out that great but I wanted to share anyway.

Sharing isn’t always about seeing something, sometimes it’s about feeling something. So take a look at the picture below and feel the Colorado sunrise. Feel the beauty of the mountains and the pink and orange light bouncing off them. Feel the morning cool and the quiet sounds of the world waking up. Feel what it is to live in Colorado.

Sunday hike on Green Mountain Trail

With a forecast of sun and a 71 degree high, Sunday morning meant a fall hike. I figured it was time to get in one more hike before the snow comes and trails close. My boyfriend, Gene, and I headed over to William F. Hayden Park to hike the Green Mountain Trail. We got to Parking Lot 1 a little before 9:30 am. I’ve learned that if you want a guaranteed parking spot at a trail head, you should get there by 8 am, if not earlier. So I felt lucky that there were a few parking spots left so late in the morning.

The trail we took is a 6.5 mile loop around the park. The majority of the trail follows the road, which is a bit of a bummer since my goal was to get away from the city. Still,for a hike only 30 minutes away from Denver, I’ll take it.

We headed left from the trail head. Although the sun ended up staying behind a massive cloud the entire time, it worked out since the hike had no cover. So I stayed comfortable for most of it. There was about a mile stretch of constant incline which was tough and got me sweating a bit. Wish I could avoid those uphill parts but then I wouldn’t get to see those great views of Colorado.This trail does allow dogs and mountain bikers.

I’m glad I got to get a hike in before the winter season begins. Hoping I’ll have another opportunity this month. Now I’m beginning to debate if I want to snow shoe this year. I tried it once two years ago and enjoyed it so maybe it’s time to try it out again.

Halloween at work

My department had a Halloween-themed meeting yesterday. Since the meeting fell on the day before Halloween and one of Denver Public School’s mottoes is “Fun” we had a costume contest and brought in sweets to share. I made chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin bread. Although I didn’t dress up, I did end up getting my face painted a bit.

Next year I am determined to wear a costume. I don’t know what yet and I don’t know how but I would love to sew my own outfit. I figure if I can make a decision soon then I can start planning and creating. And hopefully I’ll go to some kind of geek convention next year so I could wear my outfit twice. I think I want to be a character in a TV show or movie, but there are so many good options that choosing one is going to be difficult. Almost as difficult as making the costume!

The meeting went well and more people brought goodies than signed up, which was a nice surprise. It did mean that I took home half of my baked goods, which I wasn’t expecting. Now I have a bag of cookies, pumpkin bread pieces, and two bags of candy. I’ve filled up the Halloween bowl for tonight and just hope we have enough kids to dump all the candy I don’t want. If there’s any leftovers I’ll just bring it all to work. I have another, bigger meeting on Tuesday that could use it.

Those that dressed up did a fantastic job on their costumes. There was one group who dressed in black and had emoji faces (see above). There was also a scarecrow, Ursula, a dinosaur, and an awesome Starbucks cup costume that my coworker wore. Everyone was happy and excited. We ended the meeting by playing a DPS version of Jeopardy and then revealing the winners of the costume contest (Ursula won Best Overall Costume, it was amazing).

The longer I stay at this new position the happier I feel. I’m gaining new skills and am getting to hang out with some genuinely friendly people.

Happy Halloween!


Volunteering at 8th grade fair

A lull for my row meant a quick picture

I spent yesterday volunteering at Denver Public School’s 8th grade career fair at the National Western Stock Show. The event was about 4 hours and roughly 4,000 students attended throughout that time. This was my first year volunteering for it and I didn’t quite know what to expect.

I ended up helping wrangle classes of students into rows to prepare to leave for the day. My role involved handing out surveys, collecting raffle tickets and surveys, and generally trying to manage the students whiling waiting for buses. Managing 8th graders is quite the task. They didn’t want to sit down. They didn’t want to fill out the survey. They didn’t want to wait patiently.

Oh middle school, I had forgotten how insane those children are. They really aren’t great at listening to authority. They’re full of emotions and energy and it just spills out of them.

Still, there were some really cute kids. Many of them dressed up in ties and dresses. It was so sweet to see. One kid told me he got “a personal invitation” to visit and speak with these two companies. I asked him how he felt about that and he said “I feel GREAT!” Love his enthusiasm.

It was a fun but tiring day. I feel privileged that my manager thought it was a good idea for me to volunteer. In previous jobs, the thought of volunteering during work time would not even have crossed my mind as a possibility. Working with Denver Public Schools has allowed me to see that work can be flexible and lead to growth.

I’d love to volunteer for the career fair next year but perhaps next time I could be on the floor. There were some pretty cool looking booths when I walked by them.

The flowing of life: a poem

I wrote this poem a while back, decided it was time to share.

Life flows out of me.
It runs down my arms and drips off my fingers.
It falls to the ground and seeps into the soil.
Deep into the earth it goes.

Life flows in me.
It soaks my bones.
It rushes through my blood, coursing in every crevice,
every organ.
Deep into my soul it goes.

Life flows around me.
Through my friends and my family and all people.
They speak the words of life.
They whisper its meaning, shout its purpose, and share its hidden thoughts.
Deep into them life goes.

My life spreads across the world
Reaching, changing, learning.
Continuously flowing.
It will never stop.
It will never slow.
Life flows, and I flow with it.