Fun package from Katie

A few weekends ago I checked the mail and was surprised to find a shoe box filled with awesomeness from my friend, Katie. Lo and behold she had been collecting items for me and ended up using the same box I sent her fun package in to send one back to me.

I was not expecting it at all and it was wonderful. The package and the love behind it made my day.

I now have some fun hair rubber bands, a cute notepad, some stickers, a reusable bag, an adorable owl piggy bank, and lipgloss.

I am excited to paint the piggy bank and will have to show you all what it looks like when done. I tried the lipgloss almost immediately after I saw it and I like it. It’s pretty much perfect for me, it’s not an overwhelming color. In fact, it seems to highlight the color of my lips, make them stand out slightly more. I’m going to have to start wearing make-up more often so I can use this.

I was just talking to a friend the week before about how old my reusable bags are and how I need to throw them away, so it feels like Katie somehow heard that conversation and sent me a new one. I like that it’s not black like all my old ones either, this one is more fun.

Thank you Katie, I loved getting your package!

Moved into the house

Last Friday, Gene and I moved into our new house. Yep, we ended up buying a house. I didn’t tell many people as I figured the deal could fall through, but it didn’t and here we are now.

Last Friday we closed, moved, and picked up Elisabeth from the airport for her one week vacation with us. It was a long, non-stop day but the end result was that everything was moved over. Saturday we rearranged furniture and began to unpack. Most stuff was in place by the end of that day. It meant that I could enjoy my time with Elisabeth more.

I will post later this week about what we did as well as an awesome care package I got from Katie a couple weeks ago, today is all about pictures of the house.

Here is our den. This is where our couch and TV are. Our plan is to get a new couch in the next couple of months but we’re really busy right now and we want Pippin to get used to the place in hopes that when something else new comes in he won’t tear it up. He’s been a bit crazy this past week so hopefully with everything in its place now, he’ll calm down.

The garage door leads to this level. We also have a bathroom (toilet and sink) and door to the basement on this level. The basement is unfinished and just has a washer and dryer in it so there’s not much to see there.

Here is the kitchen and kitchen table. We have way more counter space and cabinets. It’s so nice because all the large appliances like the rice cooker and the bread maker fit in cabinet space, no more taking up the counters!

We will eventually get a nicer island/shelf for the end of the counter but for now the rolling cart works just fine.


Here is the computer room. This is the room you enter when you walk through the front door. We have Pippin’s cat tree in this room and he seems to like the location so far. It’s by a window and near us so that works out.

There is plenty of room to bring down the folding table for puzzles or extra guests.


Here is my craft/sewing/piano/puzzle room! This is my eclectic room that I do whatever I want. My parents gave me house warming money and I used it to buy the keyboard piano. I have been wanting to get back into playing the piano for a couple of years now and it’s finally going to happen.

I just need to figure out what Gene can do up there so we can spend time together. Although we do spend plenty of time together already so perhaps it is good how it is.

You can see more photos (as well as obligatory cat photos) on my google + album here.

Detroit and London

Yesterday I went to see Detroit, a play that my friend Dana helps run. The play revolves around two couples, one of which just moved next door. They interact, struggle with their lives, and meddle with one another. It was actually quite dark and the longer I think on it, the more odd and twisted it seems. I won’t spoil the story but drugs, alcohol, and plain unhappiness all played a part.

I’m not quite sure if I liked it or not. I thought I liked it when it was over but now it seems too serious and dark for me. I think it could have used more comedy to help lighten the heavy tone. I suppose the writer of the production  meant for it to be a look at the secrets suburbia keeps, but it was possibly a bit too much for me. The set design was amazing though, there was so much detail, I loved it.

After the play, Dana and I went to Pints Pub, a British pub in downtown Denver a few blocks away from the theater. We got some homemade potato chips, split a warm turkey sandwich, and shared a piece of amazing chocolate cake at the end. The food was delicious. Those potato chips were great, there was some kind of vinegar on them that just made the dish. The turkey sandwich had these delicious sauteed onions; add to that a small kick from the mustard and it was a great combination. And of course the chocolate cake was fantastic, the frosting was more of a fudge that made the whole thing. I need to go again to try some of their other offerings.

Dana also surprised me with some birthday and Christmas presents. Since she’s moving to Florida to work at Walt Disney World in less than a month she decided to give me presents early. How sweet. I got some lotion, soap, and a Doctor Who apron. So fun.


Food and games

I made pancakes this morning for breakfast. Sidney had shared this link for a recipe of some delicious looking pancakes last night which meant I HAD to make some today. I made Bisquick ones because Gene wasn’t in love with the idea of thick pancakes. He thought it meant they would either end up burned or not cooked all the way. I figured I could make those another day then and made some easy ones.



They were tasty. That’s why I like Bisquick, you can make pancakes or biscuits (along with a myriad of other items) and they both taste delicious. And it’s super easy! Needless to say we had leftover pancakes, there was just no way that two people could have eaten all that was made. Next time I’m halving the recipe.

After breakfast, Gene and I went on a walk. We ended up going on a second walk later in the day too, I’d call that productive. We played some Wildstar where I got a carrot pet! Super excited because I’ve been wanting it ever since pets came out. I wish there was a way to name the pets and have it show up, perhaps in the next update.

Tathian_Brightsage.150606.113326.pngFor dinner, Gene and I met my parents at a burger place called Crave. I had heard of it about two years ago and had wanted to go (they have a burger where the bun is two doughnuts) so I was happy. I had a burger with fried cheese, avocado, candied bacon, and caramelized onions. That thing was great, I actually ate all of it, I’m a bit surprised. Gene had a burger where the bun was two grilled cheese sandwiches. Yeah, it’s that kind of place. We got milkshakes as well, which were amazing. I had the smore milkshake which included brownie chunks, marshmallow chunks, and hot fudge. Not to mention it came with a roasted whole marshmallow on top. OMG.

I am definitely full at the moment and can’t really think of eating any food for a while. Now I’m off to play a bit more Wildstar and chat with my friends.

Tomorrow I shall go see a play and then have dinner with my friend afterward, I’d say this is looking like a decent weekend.

Oh the time flies

Well, I started writing a blog post on Monday and then promptly either forgot about it or was too tired to finish it and post. So that is now in the trash and a new post has thus been created.

I’ll give you the quick recap of the week so it’s not so long.

I cut Gene’s hair on Sunday (see picture).

Gene and I went to Game Night on Sunday and I won Ticket to Ride. The new couple that came last month was there again and it was a lot of fun. I hope to see them more often, they’re pretty awesome.

I made pot roast with Gene’s help on Sunday. OMG it was delicious. We got a huge chunk of meat, possibly the thickest chunk we’ve ever had. I think it was a good choice. Threw it in a crockpot for 8 hours with water and seasoning (and add potatoes and carrots at some point in there) and my gosh, it’s amazing. Now we just need more people to share it with because it took multiple days to eat everything (heck, we still have some veggies left).


I went out to eat for lunch twice this week with Linda, the Program Manager at my job. Wasn’t expecting it but it was definitely something I needed. We went to Tom’s Home Cooking on Tuesday, a Southern restaurant downtown. It’s an interesting place because they have a different menu every day (you can call them to hear it) and they only take cash. You get one meat, two sides, a drink, and a chunk of bread (roll, cornbread, or jalapeno cornbread). It’s a fast food type kind of thing where everything is already cooked, you order when you get to the front of the line and they fill a container then and there. Once the food is gone, they close. They’re open from 11AM to 2PM (or until all the food is sold).

I ended up getting meatloaf, mac and cheese, cheese, rice, broccoli casserole, and cornbread. It was pretty dang delicious and I’d love to go there with Gene or some of my friends another day. Next time I’d love to try their pulled pork or roast beef if they have it.

While at work the other day I saw an acquaintance eating a mango. He said he got it at Costco and they were in perfect condition. So that night I went out and bought mangos from Costco. I’m figuring out how to eat them without cutting them very much and boy am I loving it. Didn’t really have mangos as a kid so they’re a special treat for me these days, but perhaps with my new found method of eating them they’ll become more commonplace.



Work events

On Wednesday I had dinner with some of the coaches I work with for a Denver Public Schools Coaches Meeting. They have one every year and athletic staff are invited. Although the presentation wasn’t very interesting, it was really nice to have free food and get out of work early. Plus, it was fun to get to talk to these coaches about stuff other than sports.

I will likely be in a more centralized location next year, which I hope means I can grow closer to both the coaches and the students.

Then, on Thursday, I helped support our All Sport Banquet. All of the varsity athletes from this year were invited to attend with up to two guests. We had food, took pictures, and gave out awards. Although the whole thing was over by 8:15, I didn’t leave until 10PM because of clean up. I think next year we really need to have some parent volunteers to help out with this kind of thing. It shouldn’t have taken us two hours to get it all done.

The event went smooth though, I don’t think there were any major problems. We had enough seating, enough food, and the majority of students who got awards were there. I enjoyed most of it and yet again got free food out of it.

I got to come in late to work the next day because of how late I stayed, so that was awesome. I have a pretty sweet deal right now in regards to work. If only it paid a little bit more…

Eddie Izzard

Tuesday, Gene and I went to see Eddie Izzard. I believe he is the first comedian I have seen live (someone correct me if I’m wrong on that). I wasn’t sure if I would like the performance, as I didn’t know much about him or his comedy style. I saw his Cake or Death bit, which I thought was funny, but other than that, I’ve heard him on the comedy radio station a couple of times and that was it.

Gene eating dinner before the show. Love that smile

But Gene wanted to see him and since he was willing to pay for my ticket, I agreed to go, why not?

I’m so glad I went. It was hilarious, Eddie Izzard is so funny (even though I didn’t understand him the entire time and definitely didn’t get all his jokes). He’s quite clever. He was basically giving us a history lesson while making us laugh. I imagine that could be a difficult job.

I don’t know how his comedy show compares to others, but even his intro was awesome. He had a whole light show and music, it was fun. We didn’t get out until 10:30PM, which I didn’t love, but I suppose it meant we got our money’s worth.

Eddie Izzard is genuinely funny. He’s smart too and he seems to be as down to earth as a famous person can be. I like him. I would definitely go see his show again.

I was going to try to take pictures and even video of the show, but upon coming into the theater I was stopped by signs that said:

Still, I ended up taking a photo of the stage before he came out, just to prove I was there!

Next time Eddie Izzard comes to Denver, I’ll buy my own ticket!