Catch up time

Catch up time!

046 new recipeOn Friday, I tried out a new recipe: creamy tomato tortellini soup. Made some grilled cheese with it and boom, I had a meal. Granted, I could have had a meal without the grilled cheese too but what would I do without those extra carbs and calories? ;) I enjoyed the soup and will make it again. It was a nice change from the plain tomato soup that I don’t really like anymore (perhaps it’s too acidic?). It was a very easy recipe with not many ingredients and took less than 30 minutes to make. Next time though, I’m reducing the amount of Italian seasoning I put in. I think 1 tablespoon is a bit too much.

047 PippinOn Saturday, Gene and I enjoyed the warmth by taking Pippin on a walk around the lake. Well, we didn’t make it all the way around but we got about halfway. We originally were on our own, but Pippin was hanging out in the undergrowth area by the path and heard our voices so decided to join us. He was such a cutie. He would try to pounce on the grasshoppers by jumping high into the air. He never caught one of course, but it was an adorable sight. He did end up catching a snake, though. I thought it was a mouse but out he pops with a snake wriggling around. He ended up  leaving it without eating it so I’d like to think it escaped and is still alive, but I don’t know how much damage Pippin did. We were outside for an hour and a half with Pippin that when we got back, the little guy just collapsed and took quite the cat nap. He ended up curling up on a pile of leaves in the corner of the balcony while I began to undo the chicken wire I had put up months ago. He also let me brush him for like 15 minutes, which was the longest he’s ever allowed it. He must have been really tired!

On Sunday, Gene and I went to reddit game night where I played Sherrif of Nottingham and Kittens in a Blender. Both games were quite fun and may be added to my wishlist once my two best friends move over here. Hint hint. Gene and I don’t have friends over enough (if ever) to warrant buying a lot of board games. And the fact that we might move soon means I don’t want to add any other items that will  have to be packed away.

I’ve been reading the book Elisabeth sent, The Warded Man, more and more frequently now. I’m beginning to really get into it. I’m almost halfway done and the three main characters still haven’t met. That makes me a bit worried.  I’m sure it’ll all work out in the end though!

Today I went to work, did laundry, vacuumed, made dinner, and continued to work on the Wikipedia page I’ve been rewriting for a couple months now. I AM SO CLOSE! I emailed the subject of the page this evening and she responded saying she would read my draft. That has made my night, oh my goodness. I am so thrilled!

…and tired. I think it’s time to sit back and relax my shoulders, browse reddit, and go to bed!


Work and Irish Pubs

When I got to work this morning, there were only two other people in the office and no one was in the entry area. Generally there are at least six in the office and a few people in the entry, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but there is usually some kind of noise coming from somewhere. With only two people there and both in their office, it was so amazingly quiet. I loved it. Then, an hour or so later the noise arrived. At least I had a few moments of calm.

Today was a slow day. Not much work, combined with lack of motivation, led one of my less productive days recently. I still worked and got stuff done, but many of things I need to do require responses and I’m still waiting for those.

Did you know, today is the last day of winter? Someone I work with pointed it out today and brightened my mood. I made it through winter! That long period of cold and snow and cold is almost over. The warmth and the green grass and the long days are upon us. I can see it ahead and almost grasp it. Oh it makes me so happy.

Had dinner at an Irish Pub this evening with the usual reddit couple. We have such a difficult time getting other redditors to be involved, it’s a bit sad. Still, we have a good time with those who show up and it’s nice to try new restaurants. I had an Irish breakfast burger: patty with sausage, rashers (awesome bacon), and a fried egg. Although I was only able to eat half, it was delicious and I enjoyed it. I’m hoping leftovers won’t be too horrible tomorrow. Their fries are quite good too. I would like to go again and try some of their other dishes. Gene had their ghost pepper macaroni and cheese. He said it was spicy, but not as much as he thought it would be.

I meant to take a picture of my food but completely forgot (it wasn’t very picturesque so guess that worked out) so a picture of Pippin at 10:45 PM will have to suffice. Good night everyone.

Orange juice, work, and reading!

045 Gene and meI bought orange juice today. I had been avoiding it because one of the medications I take causes potassium in my body to stick around, so the doctor told me to not have a lot of it. Lo and behold, guess what has a decent amount of potassium? Oranges. Who would have thought, right? Well, I’ve been trying to stay away from eating too many oranges, clementines, or bananas, which in turn also includes orange juice. It’s truly sad because I love orange juice. So while I was in the store today I decided to hell with it, I’m going to buy myself a gallon of orange juice. Can a gallon of orange juice over a two week period be too much? Probably not. Guess I’ll find out (I’m not actually worried about “overdosing” on potassium).

My manager brought me a new filing cabinet yesterday from a Denver Public School’s warehouse. It was my picture of the day yesterday (which you can see on my google+ album). We spent an hour or so going through files and binders and moving everything around. My office area looks pretty dang nice now. And manager’s office looks even better. For months now his desk has been covered with papers and the floor has been filled with boxes. Now it actually looks clean and organized. I approve. :D

I finished reading Dune, the latest book I was reading, a couple of days ago. I had no idea I had read so much, it was such a great book that the words just flowed and I didn’t realize how many pages had gone past. I don’t think it’s a favorite book by any degree, but it is a book I enjoyed. And who knows, perhaps with time it will be added to my favorites list. I’ll read the second one after I finish reading the next book on my list, The Warded Man. This is a book that Elisabeth has wanted me to read for…oh…at least a year now, probably longer. I started reading it two days ago and am still on chapter two, but I think it has potential. It’s caught my interest, that’s for sure. I think I should go read some more right now!


Warmer weather means shorts and skirts

Sunday was a mostly uneventful day for me. Gene and I went on a walk, I cleaned, read, and relaxed. My major accomplishment? I wore shorts THE WHOLE DAY.  I know it’s not a great sign for our planet that it’s warm enough in Colorado in March for me to wear shorts, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Today I wore a skirt to work. It’s part of an outfit that my mom helped me create. As a birthday present this past year, she decided she was going to help Kaitlin and me get some decent clothes and create multiple outfits. Basically create a wardrobe. I’ve been slow in getting clothes because well, I don’t really like doing it, but I’m getting there. This is one of the outfits that I really like.

P1070450The skirt fits me SO WELL and I just love the shape and how it flows. Great choice, Mom! I got a few compliments too, which was nice. It’s predicted to be fairly warm the rest of the week, so that’s great. I’ll have to remember to wear green tomorrow for Saint Patrick’s Day. I’m not sure how serious the people in my building are about that, so I don’t want to risk it.


Pi day

Because yesterday’s pi day was a special one that happens once every one hundred years, Gene and I tried to make it more special.

We got up in the morning and went straight to Granny Scott’s Pie Shop. Gene had ordered three pies (mixed berry, lemon meringue, and peach) two days before so we wanted to pick them up and to grab another slice so Gene could have a bite at exactly 9:26 AM and 50 seconds. Sadly, we didn’t realize that the pie shop was giving out free slices of pie that morning so the long line caused us to skip the 9:26 eating time. Instead I took a picture of Gene in front of the pie shop.

We eventually made it into the store, got our free slices of pie (blackberry for me, grasshopper for Gene) and ate them while waiting for our three pies to be done. It really was a fun experience because everyone was so happy and having a great time. When I heard a kid shouting, “pie, pie, pie,” I knew our day was going to be a good one.

Once the pies were out of the oven, the owner handed them to us and said, “I don’t think anyone has gotten three pies fresh out of the oven before. Everyone generally gets them at least an hour or two after they’ve been out.” That was a pretty awesome feeling. We should have had a few bites then and there but instead we headed to a park to hang out before visiting Kaitlin and Kevin. Because we had the time and Gene wanted to, we had a little pie photo shoot.

We stashed the pies in the car and read in the park for about an hour before going to Kaitlin and Kevin’s for some lunch and, of course, more pie. After playing a game of Forbidden Island, we left the peach pie with them and headed home.

Later that evening I attempted to make some mini dinner pies but they did not turn out how I planned. I think I tried too many new recipes at once and was overwhelmed with instructions and timing. I tweaked them all as well, which I think was an error on my part. I should never tweak a recipe the first time I make it, but I don’t seem to learn that lesson. Many of the dinner pies were edible so we didn’t starve, but there was a lot of food that I ended up throwing away because it was inedible. I’ll have to do better next pie day. I’m thinking one recipe will suffice!

Overall it was a fun day and I’m hoping that Gene and I can make it a tradition to go to Granny Scott’s every pi day, because oh my gosh, those berry pies are absolutely amazing. I told Gene that they may be as good as his dad’s pies (which are the best I’ve ever tasted). I’m thinking it’s the lard in the crust that might help with that.:) Honestly, I think it would be great to make a monthly or bimonthly trip to their store for some early lunch. They have a great lunch menu where you can get sandwich, soup, chips, etc with a slice of pie for about $10. Now that sounds like a meal I would enjoy. I’ll have to see how we can fit it in to the schedule and budget.



Thank goodness it’s Friday!

Whew, busy week. My brain is quite tired but I made it through the first week of spring games so I’m satisfied. I went to games on Wednesday and Thursday. I began to feel more comfortable with going to games and going to other schools during winter season, and I have to say, it’s made my job more pleasant, getting to see students more often.

On Thursday, while I was driving home from work, I realized I was driving behind a truck that had a license plate that said “Advancing clean energy”. Now, I’m not quite sure if this truck was a hybrid or electric, although I didn’t see any sign that it was, so I may be in error when I say I though that was extremely ironic. I got such a laugh out of it that I grabbed my camera and tried to take a picture of it. You can clearly tell that I didn’t get a great shot, but the guy was going almost 60 mph on a 40mph road so I had a hard time keeping up. And when we got to a light, he turned left when I continued to straight. I’d like to think he saw me trying to take a picture and felt guilty. :D

028 license plate


Tomorrow is pi day, a day very special to Gene’s heart. We’re going to buy some pies and for dinner I’m going to make four different kinds of mini pies (chicken pot pie, taco pie, etc). I really hope they turn out decently as I’ve never done anything like this and I seem to be tweaking all the recipes I found. I’ll let you all know how it goes. To end the day, have a picture of Pippin.

029 Pippin

I realized the other day that I’ve taken a photo a day for a little over a month. I’m going to keep it up for now. It’s generally a fun part of my day.

Well, I definitely jinxed myself yesterday. Two baseball games were cancelled today. Just my luck. I had no idea how crazy spring sports would be, and we’re just in now in the third week! Everything ends in May so…two and a half more months. I’m sure it will calm down eventually. Right? ;)

027 easter tree

Over the weekend, my mom gave Kaitlin and me a little Easter tree. Look how cute it is. And it doesn’t even have decorations on it yet. I think it might become a permanent part of the apartment, I like how it looks. I’ll have to post a picture of it once it’s decorated up for Easter, whenever that happens. I still have almost a month so I have time.