Book of Mormon!

Yesterday, Gene and I bought tickets to go see the Book of Mormon Broadway show! Granted, we have a year to wait (a year exactly from yesterday), but the knowledge that I’m going to get to see it is AWESOME!

That musical has intrigued me since the moment I heard about it. I really have to thank my mom for the tickets because she had me thinking about what I wanted my parents to buy me for my 25th birthday gift and I thought, “Maybe there’s a musical I’d want to see.” So I googled and happened to see that Book of Mormon was coming back to Denver in 2015. Woot! Thanks Mom!

Now I just have to figure out what I want my parents to get me and I’ll be all set. At the moment I’m thinking maybe a hiking backpack and an annual membership to the Botanic Gardens. Thoughts?

People stop listening after….

Let me clarify a few points to begin. I work in a building where the Denver Public School’s Enrollment Office is. I also work in the front of the building, so when people walk in, they can easily see me. A good chunk of people that come into this building need to go to the Enrollment Office.

So, naturally, many people come ask me where to go. Or I ask them if they need directions and I point them towards the office.

Here’s pretty much what I say to every single person, “Go through these doors and it’s the first office on the right.” I point towards the office as I say this. The odd thing to me, is that, maybe 40% of the people, after they go through the doors, head to the first door on the left. Immediately. Without a thought they start heading into this poor guy’s office.

So I wonder. Were they not really listening to me? Or, once they heard the word “first”, they stopped listening? I mean, that must be it, right?

It’s happened so often that I tell people and then I watch them because there’s such a high chance they’re going to try to go into the wrong door. If I see them going into the wrong door I tell them, “No, right. On the right.” Some of them are a bit embarrassed, although not nearly as much as I would think they should be. Some of them aren’t phased at all. Some of them still try to go into the door on the left.

I think next time I may have to try to use colors, “It’s the door by the green wall.” Perhaps that would help. I’ll just have to try!

Fall and my perception of the seasons

Last night I was talking to Gene about what I’m looking forward to in fall.

“Hot apple cider, electric blankets, sweaters,” I said.

“You know that all has to do with just being warm, pretending you’re in warm weather,” Gene responded.

He was right. So I tried to think of some other stuff I was looking forward to.

“Um, the leaves, changing color. Um, pumpkins. Um…”

“You’re just thinking about food now, aren’t you?” He asked.

Yeah, I was. He knows me so well. But I can’t help it! I don’t love the cold weather. And soon after the leaves change color they fall off. And I really dislike the grey and the brown of the next few months.

From that thought process I got to thinking about how my idea of when the seasons are, is slightly different than reality. Here’s how it I see it:

  • Fall: part of August, September, October November
  • Winter: December, January, February, March
  • Spring: part of March. April
  • Summer: May, June, July, part of August

It seems a bit odd now that I actually write it down but that is how my mind sees things. Pretty crappy the long winter I have to deal with, right?

New toy for Pippin

This past weekend, after going out to watch a soccer game for my school/work (we won!), I came home to find that our neighbor left a toy for Pippin! The guy across the hall is going to move and according to Gene, the place he is moving doesn’t allow cats. So our neighbor is getting rid of cat stuff and he was nice enough to give us something!

We now have one of those awesome toys where a ball is on a circular track, it can’t come out. Click here to see what it looks like, cause I’m bad at explaining it. Pippin was amazed by it for a while. He stayed by it so long that he ended up falling asleep on top of it. I’m not sure how long he’ll like it, because he’s fickle like that, but for now he’s having a good time. He actually used the scratcher in the middle too, which was amazing.

It’s time I post more often

I’ve slacked off with writing on this blog, and I don’t like it. I feel like I’ve lost a part of myself and now I feel different when I write on here. WTF? That’s not how it should be. I don’t want to lose my ability to write. So I’m going to make a conscious effort to write more often. I’d like to say I’ll write every day again, but at this time I don’t think I can quite promise that. Maybe I’ll start with another 30 day writing challenge. That’s a reasonable step I think. I’ll have to think about doing that.

I’ve also thought about doing a 30 day photo challenge where I take a picture every day. I’ve never done that so it might be a creative and fun way to get back into blogging. Guess I’ll just have to make a decision at some point and go with it.

In other news, Pippin has found a way to escape the chicken-wired balcony. He now jumps onto the thin railing and then onto the roof. Fine, you win Pippin, go explore the outdoors on your own. He’s spent all day outside twice now and has still come home so I guess if it happens every so often it’ll be okay. Because I have to say, I’m not really interested in putting up more chicken wire. Maybe in the future. Why does he have to be so crazy?!

I have a laptop again!

A couple of weeks ago, Gene found a deal on, a new deal website, for a refurbished chromebook. I’ve been wanting to get a laptop for a year or so now so when he told me about it I jumped on the chance to get one.

I had been iffy about getting a chromebook because it’s well, pretty much just Google Chrome and Google Docs. But then when Gene asked me what else I would actually use the laptop for, I had to admit that’s all I really needed: internet.

Yesterday the laptop was delivered and I am happy to say that it works! Super easy. I mean, my gosh, I didn’t have to install anything or set anything up. I logged into my google account, got onto the internet, and boom, everything was ready. Holy moly that’s awesome!

It’s super tiny too, which is what I wanted. I didn’t want a big clunky laptop like my work one is (sorry, work). This thing is so light and small, it’s great! I will have to get used to the small keyboard again though, but that shouldn’t be too much of hassle.

Wanted to share the fun news with you! Glad I’ll have something to take with me on trips!

I like Gene and I like books

2014-08-24 15.37.18

This past weekend Gene and I sat on the balcony and read The Wise Man’s Fear, a book by Patrick Rothfuss. This is the second book in The Kingkiller Chronicle series. I wrote a review about the first book here. Anyway, I really like how Gene and I read aloud to one another. Not only does it give us something to do while driving in a car, but it gives us something to talk about, think about, and just enjoy together. I thought he looked really handsome on Sunday while reading (he looks great in that blue shirt, right) so I snapped a picture.

2014-08-24 15.37.35

I also took a picture of one of my last remaining plants. So cute.

The point is, everyone should read books, read together, and just read more. It’s a great way to relax and stimulate your brain at the same time!